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Need $1000 Immediately

JRW852 started this conversation

This money will be used to buy neccessities and pay bills as I was recently laid of and don't qualify for unemployment insurance. Please help, not only will you be rewarded by me in the future, but if there is a non- financial need you have and I can help, I will gladly fulfill it. If interested in helping, please call me and let's talk.

Contact Jimmie White at (713)914-0167 or send an email to


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woman in a shoe   in reply to jogeaux
Hi all we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help i am sorry but there no resources that helps with anything to do with school there no cash on this site
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I am awaiting to begin work in 3 weeks but need just 200 dollars to catch up on school payments to finish out the year. I will get my degree in April 2016. I f anyone can help I will pay it back. Whatever legal extremes we would have to go through to ensure return of payment, I will cooperate thank you.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to mariedz
Hi that person has not been on here sent 2007
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woman in a shoe   in reply to mariedz
Hi call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call Good Luck and God Bless
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Hi I am single mom of a 16 month old who has been unemployed now for 5 months and I am in desperate need of $1000.00 to pay the rent and the electric bill. My baby was born with lupus and things have been extremely difficult lately. If there is anyone that can help I thank you in advance. If you can help please contact me ...
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This money will help me to support me and my brother and sisters. I an senior this year and will graduation in a month and I need money to support my family until I have my jobs.
I wish my mom was alive she can help us... please love us poor children without mom and dad. my dad got lock up for abuse my sister and I feel like I the only one to help my family to a great future. Thank you!
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My Husband and I have a 7 month old daughter but we don't have the money to get oil for our heat this winter and groceries this month. We need about $1000. It is a lot to ask and I would never ask if it wasn't necessary but I don't want my baby to be cold or sick this winter. Thank you
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This money will be used for my power bill it is $447.00 I lost my previous job and got behind behind on this bill . found another job that doesn't pay as nearly enough or as much as my last job. I have a 1 1/2 daughter and we just want to keep our power Please! lalajanenewme@gmail. com
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ksmith84   in reply to familiesinneed11
I know this post is old but I am a newly single mom of two with low income and waiting for the child support to start coming in and I am struggling with daycare and child supplies. I do work but hours are low and i am in dire need of a lot of money to catch up. 1000 is minimum. How can I get help!!
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Just Imi
I am in dire need of any money that can be given to me. I am an Army veteran who receives money by going to school. I recently had an injury to my back and was forced to withdraw from my major. I plan on starting school again in September, but my benefits may not reactivate for another few months, so I am stuck here in this panic while the bills pile up. I've gone looking for jobs, but I can't get hired anywhere because of my physical limitations. Please, I just need anything that will get me through these next few months or at least the next month. I am not asking for tuition payment, because school is already payed for. I just need to get through this rough patch somehow and I don't want to pull my family down into this pit with me. I need to support them, too. You can contact me at either or Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to help me.
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I need $900 to help me pay for my apartment and student account for college. I have a single mom who is struggling to help me and my brother out. If you don't mind lending this much money to please email me at! I will be gladly to pay you back when i receive my refund money August 22nd of this year! Thank you
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my sis
I am in dire need of some financial support for paying my rent, doctor bills, utilities, medications, food and other bills. I have been laid off of my job and receive very little income. I am in a devastating situation and God knows I need "HELP", so if there's anyone out there that is financially able to assist me with at least $1,500.00,this would be a major blessing to me and your genrousity, kindness and support would greatly be appreciated and never, ever forgotten. Humbly, Eternally Grateful and Thankful.
Tea Cake
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god creation
may god bless u if u help me and if u dont
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god creation
i am disable and i have two kids and i need $1000 because i fixen to lose my car and my son has to have money for his class trip and i need with in 24 hours
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I heredia
this money will be used to pay my monthly payments of 210 dollars i have a job but with that i pay my home, car, electricity,gas,and food and the pay check is gone. im a student at everest on 111 NW 183 Street, Second Floor
Miami, FL 33169
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I am need of financial help today.. I lost my job because I was in the hospital and now I am unemployed. I am on the verge of losing my apartment and will not have internet to continue my schooling online. To keep me above water I need $850 by this Sunday July 1, 2012. Please if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. May God bless you!
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demos31   in reply to familiesinneed11
Hello my name is Greg I moved to Michigan after my gold digging ex fiance kicked me out on the street. I was recently terminated after I injured my Knee by the new Executive Chef Three days after he started working in the establishment I have fallen behind on rent because I have used all of my savings to keep up with my visitation with my three year old son; who lives an hour and a half away. I have just recently received an eviction notice and due to late fees as well I owe nine hundred and fifty dollars before May Twenty second of two thousand twelve or else I will lose my place to live and my visitation with my son so if you or anyone you know can help me God willing I would owe an unbelieveable debt of gratitude even other resourses that might help would be good. My E-mail address is
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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hi,i am in need of money i am getting marriage by june2012 please if any one for asking feeling guilty but as as i earn i will pay in installment please yaar help me
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 in response to familiesinneed11...   ik have recently lost my job and do not qualify for unemployment. my children live with me and there mother does not help AT ALL! my car payment is due in two weeks car insurance and then my license plates need renewed my phone will be turned off in aweek ive been donating plasma and searching for a job but it is not happening fast enough plus if i lose my car it will be almost impossible to get to work and find a babysitter so if u could help me i would extremly appreciate it
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 in response to barbie girl...   No i have a great life, when you have a car payment of 600+ and your asking for help with school get a job why should someone who works for there money pay for you to go to school. I am willing to help families in need that have lost their job and has kids to raise not help those who are asking for a 1000 dollars for school debt. I don't understand if you wanted to go to school then pay for it your self. Why should we help those who dont really need it. Sorry but it is my opinion and I can say what I want to. Thanks Barbie Girl
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